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Bringing the world to your classroom…

January 20, 2006


…no, I’m not talking about Google Earth but one of our other favourite resources It’s what projectors were invented for! What a magical way to motivate children to think, discuss and write. Don’t forget that you can use the capture tool in most IWB software to bring these images into your flipcharts.
If you’ve used this in a lesson, please share your ideas with us!


Handy Hints

January 20, 2006

Richard Smith has these 3 handy hints to help you.

1. If you struggle to understand all the network drives email us for an easy to understand guide
2. There are lots of useful resources on the Q drive…clicker grids…interactive whiteboard materials etc
3. Type in http://taw005/ to log help calls in less than 1 minute….try it

Please feel free to share your own handy hints!