So long…

June 11, 2007

Richard Faragher can now be found here.


Photoshop Elements Twilight

March 29, 2006

The Adobe Digital Kids Club is a great place to start – in fact you may not need to look anywhere else! The site is packed with tips, tutorials, projects and more. Highly Recommended. A site called Photoshop Elements Techniques has a few good tutorials and other goodies for you. Here are some nice images for you to practice with.

Lovely Bubbly…

March 2, 2006


Very excited to share BubbleShare with you. This Ajax based app allows you to upload photos, create albums, add audio, create slideshows that you can post to your blog, create a photocast and lots, lots more. The look and feel of BubbleShare is top notch – it’s fast and very slick. It has the coolest zoom tool ‘thing’ too – you’d be mad not to take a look at this.

How would you like to work in a factory?

February 2, 2006

Like this.


January 24, 2006

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Survey Monkey…

January 24, 2006


We are going ape for this online offering. It works. It’s brilliant. It’s free. It saves trees. You heard it here first!

Bringing the world to your classroom…

January 20, 2006


…no, I’m not talking about Google Earth but one of our other favourite resources It’s what projectors were invented for! What a magical way to motivate children to think, discuss and write. Don’t forget that you can use the capture tool in most IWB software to bring these images into your flipcharts.
If you’ve used this in a lesson, please share your ideas with us!

Virtual Victorian Classroom

January 20, 2006


A great Key Stage 1 resource from the learning innovation centre ….

Do you have any links that you’d like to share… click on ‘comments’

Handy Hints

January 20, 2006

Richard Smith has these 3 handy hints to help you.

1. If you struggle to understand all the network drives email us for an easy to understand guide
2. There are lots of useful resources on the Q drive…clicker grids…interactive whiteboard materials etc
3. Type in http://taw005/ to log help calls in less than 1 minute….try it

Please feel free to share your own handy hints!

60 second Shakespeare…

January 20, 2006


Take the 60 Second challenge!

The BBC is looking for UK school students to take up the challenge of creating their own sixty second interpretation of Shakespeare. Make a film or audio, interpret a scene or a whole play, keep it classic or make it modern, it’s up to you.

If you’d like to have a go at this let us know – we’d love to come and help you!

On a very similar note, the beeb also offer you the chance to get your one-minute movies published online. Great site this – loads of help and advice on offer and you can watch other peoples efforts online. This movie from the site shows just what you can do with pen, paper, a camera and a computer – wow!  Once again, the HOS team can help you to bring your own ideas to life!

Superstar VJs

January 18, 2006


In the bbc’s own words:

Radio 1 Superstar VJs is part of a new kind of service the BBC is piloting, which is not just about enjoying its content but using it to create your own. On this site you’ll find nearly 100 clips to download, watch, mix and share under the Creative Archive Licence, all chosen with VJ’s in mind and including skylines, sunsets, seascapes, wildlife, time-lapse photography and retro gadgets. We will be adding more clips and programmes soon and have just launched the Open News Archive offering around 80 iconic reports for download.

Are you having problems…

January 17, 2006

…accessing some of the exciting content that is increasingly available online? Some of the things we’ve recommended will not run on the TAW network. In order to stop you struggling and getting frustrated when we’ve already done that for you (!) heres a list of things that do not currently run.

  1. Skype (or any other VOIP stuff)
  2. Last FM
  3. Bubbler – of the most exciting things out there!!!
  4. ThinkFree – superb!!! Try it at home but don’t get too excited – you won’t be able to access your files at work.
  5. Macromedia Breeze (Call logged – not supported)

We have calls logged for these – results will be posted here.

Photo Story 3 Ideas…

January 16, 2006


This free app from Microsoft is flavour of the month – everyone loves using it and we’re already seeing some really creative stuff going on in Telford schools. Please use this post as a form to share your ideas!

Something for the weekend…

January 14, 2006

Last fm

This has been keeping me company whilst I’ve been gathering and posting links on here – highly recommended!

Oops.. looks like this is another cool app for home use only – won’t install on the network 😦

Google Pack

January 13, 2006

Google Pack

Google have introduced the Google Pack – a free collection of essential resources. This is a really great idea, bringing together as it does, much of the ‘must have’ software that we’ve been talking about in schools. Contained within the pack you’ll find Google Earth, Picasa 2, Google Pack Screensaver, Firefox, Norton Antivirus 2005, Acrobat Reader 7, Google Desktop, Google Toolbar and Ad Aware SE. Google Updater also installs and keeps things… up-to-date. Remember, all this is free… amazing stuff.
A word of warning – save this one for home – don’t even think about installing it on the network!

Gmail Invitation…

January 12, 2006

…if you’d like a gmail account post your current email address in the comments section – I’ll send you an invitation. We all love it!